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Santander offers its clients a wide range of options for housing loans, allowing not only the purchase of a home, the execution of works and construction or even an exclusive financing to pay for the initial entrance.

This financial institution meets the needs of its customers, presenting Santander housing credit for various purposes. By using the Santander housing credit simulator, the consumer can easily perceive the best offer for your profile and your preferences.

Housing loans Santander

Regarding housing loans, for whatever purpose, Santander has flexible credit solutions that adapt to the profile and daily needs of its clients, offering competitive interest rates, extended terms and high amounts .

As regards the purposes available, this credit institution presents the following: purchase of house, purchase of land, purchase of second housing, payment of property, construction and construction works.


Buy a house 

Buy a house 

The financing for the purchase of Permanent Private Housing in Santander includes several options.

First of all, with 123 Housing Credit, exclusive to Mundo 123 customers and with admission subject to bank approval, the client can finance the purchase of his home at a competitive promotional rate of 1.23% in the first 6 months. The financing can be high, being able to constitute 85% of the value of the evaluation of the dwelling, and the term of payment extended, up to 50 years with limit of 75 years of age of the holders at the end of the term.

In turn, the Variable Rate Housing Mortgage allows the client to buy their own housing at the same time that accompanies the evolution of market interest rates. In this solution, the financing goes up to 85% of the appraised value of the house and the interest rate is reviewed annually. Whenever the rate is revised, the monthly installments are adjusted, in a product with extended payment terms, since they can go up to 50 years with limit of 75 years of age of the holders at the end of the term.

Regarding the Super Tranquilo Housing Credit, the latter is hired at a fixed rate in the first 5 years of the agreement, financing up to 85% of the value of the permanent housing. The term of payment of this option is extended, being able to go up to 50 years with a limit of 75 years of age of the holders at the end of the credit.

There are also two financing solutions for customers who wish to switch their current home to a new one. The first is the New House Solution, for customers holding a Santander Housing Credit, which has a financing of up to 85% of the home’s valuation value, a variable interest rate indexed to the 12-month EURIBOR, plus a spread 1.42%) and with a maximum payment term of 50 years, provided that the holders do not exceed 75 years of age at the end of the term.

Finally, there is the SELECT New House Solution, for SELECT clients with a Santander Housing Credit. In this case, the spread starts at 1.07%, which is added to the variable interest rate indexed to the 12-month EURIBOR. This financing allows the client to choose to pay up to 30% of the total credit at the end – called residual value – which leads to a reduction of the amount payable in the monthly installments.

Financing to buy land


Financing to buy land


This Santander housing credit can be included in a financing to build a housing. During the contract, the client only pays interest, having until two years after the purchase of the land to begin to carry out works to build a property (this being the maximum term of this loan).

The contracted interest rate is fixed and the financing amount can reach 60% of the lower of the following values: land evaluation or acquisition of the same.

Acquisition of second housing

For the purchase of a second home, Santander has five types of housing loans: Housing Credit 123 – exclusive to customers of World 123 -, New House Solution, New House SELECT Solution, Housing Mortgage Variable Rate second housing and the Super Tranquilo Housing Credit for the purpose of second housing.

All financing conditions are the same as those of the Permanent Private Housing purchase modality, except in the case of the Variable Rate Housing and Super Tranquilo Housing Credit, which holds a maximum financing amount of up to 70% of the valuation value of the second housing .

Pay sign of the property

Pay sign of the property


If the client wants to buy a house and wishes to give a signal value, as a guarantee of the interest to proceed with the purchase of the property, Santander has a financing for these cases: the so-called Signal Credit.

This loan is intended to finance the amount requested by the seller of the dwelling as a sign, and can be used not only in the acquisition of Permanent Private Housing, but also in the case of a Secondary Housing or even for home exchange.

The loan amount may be available in full or in tranches, and may correspond to 100% of the amount requested. The maximum term of payment of Santander’s Signal Credit is two years and the client may choose to postpone payment of the principal of the loan until the date of writing.


Building a house


Building a house

The construction of a housing is something that can be time consuming and as such, housing credit Santander for the purpose of construction offers special conditions. There are three types of financing for this purpose: 123 Housing Credit, Variable Rate Housing Credit and Super Tranquilo Housing Credit.

The former has conditions similar to the purpose of home purchase, exclusive to customers of World 123. The remaining allow financing of up to 85% of the appraised value of the property after construction, as well as a capital shortage of two years, for that the client can complete the construction in a quiet and without budgetary weight.

The term of payment of these two loans is at the maximum ceiling of 50 years, with a limit of 75 years of age of the holders at the end of the credit agreement. Super Tranquilo Housing Credit has a fixed interest rate for the first five years.


Doing work at home


Doing work at home

If the client intends to carry out works, he can opt for Crédito Habitação 123, with the same conditions as the purposes of buying a home, a second home or a building. To do so, you must be a World 123 customer.

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